Cast Members

Craig Henry - Justice
Tracy Braswell - Amber
Kenneth Braswell Jr. - KJ
Kenneth Braswell Sr. - Man on bus stop bench
Denny Moe - Barber in barbershop
Ron Williams - Man in train station
Miguelina Williams - Woman in train station
Tomica Rue - Lawyer
Chantalay Cain - Law guardian
Chavonne Brown - Court clerk
Rachelle Smith-Stallman - Judge
Tamicka Dent - Parent of kids in back of court
Zanetta Motley - Lawyer of parent in back of court
Keyaj'rah Lovelady - Child #1 in court
Aliena Talley-Ramey - Child #2 in court
Dashiek - Guy in front of liquor store
Bre Richardson - Health and Human services counselor
Anthony Gooding - Man turning Justice away for services
Shauntay Brandon - #1 Woman turning Justice down for a job
Shirley Paul - #2 woman turning Justice down for a job

Special Thanks

Albany Law School
Denny Moe's Barbershop
The Vault Boutique (Harlem NYC) 
"Cheerleader" clip created by the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse Visit Website

Crew Members

Filmed and Directed | Ali & Arlene Brathwaite
Production Design | A'montay Giddings-Watson
On-Set Photographer | Arlene Brathwaite
Graphic Designer | Azeema Fatima
Executive Producer | Kenneth Braswell
Story | Kenneth Braswell
Opening Music Score | Kesheaf Kennedy
Film Score - Tyrone Hartzog
"Dark Hearts" poem Written and Performed by Darian "Poetyc Visionz" Gooden
Theme Song "Dark Hearts" Written and Performed by Tameka Amar and Tyrone Hartzog
Theme Song "Dark Hearts" produced by Jordan Clark
Sound Effects | Video Blocks